John MacArthur: “We Will Not Bow”

Family is the microcosm of society; when there is disorder in the family, society falls apart. John MacArthur preaches a thought-provoking sermon on this subject, in We Will Not Bow, which helps us to understand how America has crumbled from the destruction of its roots (the family), and has continued down its path of destruction at a terrifyingly speedy rate. MacArthur states that of all the terrorist attacks on our country from outside groups, the greatest terror inflicted upon us originates from within, by the United States Supreme Court. These attacks: the legalization of abortion and the legalization of same-sex marriage. But it isn’t specifically about each attack by itself, it’s about one single goal, which is to eliminate all forms of biblical marriage, thus eliminating family. This eliminates those small units (provided by families), that stand up against the “corruption that seeks to dominate.” If this isn’t damaging enough, churches in America that refuse to conform, are being deserted and unsupported, leaving the churches to fend for themselves.

The first significant attack on the family: the legalization of abortion. MacArthur explains, that if you go back to contraception, it all starts with the feminist movement. “Now when contraception comes in, you have sex without children. For the first time, the greatest restraint against having sex is eliminated.” It doesn’t matter then, how many a sex partners persons have, because this contraceptive prevents the conception of a child. But, wait…what if, like MacArthur says, the pill messes up once? Well, then, the child can be killed. No worries. What’s the purpose then, in waiting until one is married to start a family? What’s the purpose in even getting married? Well, there is none, because babies can be born without the sexual intercourse between a man and his wife, which leads to the next attack.

The second destruction to family was the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage–the final blow to the family unit. “Since marriage is vital to God’s design, for ordered society, sensible civilization—civilization able to enjoy common grace—since marriage is, by God’s design, His way to pass on order, to pass on peace, to pass on temporal blessing, and even to pass on righteousness from one generation to the next, family has always been under assault.” And now an actual living being can be transplanted from one mother’s womb, to that of a lesbian, so that child can be born outside the natural conception through intercourse between a husband and wife. The natural formation of a family designed by God, has been obliterated.

As MacArthur stated more than once: these corruptions are not new. In fact, they’ve been here since Genesis–after the fall. All sexual perversions including polygamy, incest, prostitution, rampant homosexuality, have all been here. So what is the goal? “The objective is not simply to redefine gender. The objective is not simply to redefine marriage. The objective is to destroy what God has designed.” Well, it has finally happened, thanks to the people in our Supreme Court.

But the pastor made an extremely profound, sincere statement that I truly believe is the best way to close this article: “We don’t bow down to Caesar. We bow to our king.” This article is basically a quick summarization of this sermon which goes into greater detail on a couple of the points I selected to go in this post. It deserves to be heard, as it will educate believers and non-believers, the true Christian approach to these very serious problems. While many will brush this aside and call it a product of hate, I pray that it will open some eyes, and open hearts, and turn unrepentant souls against their sins, and into a steadily growing relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


The Lack Of Self-Control

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” Proverbs 25:28

Ever wonder why self-control is so easy for everything, but the thing you are always tempted with? I wonder all the time, and this verse describes exactly how I feel every time I am tempted, and I don’t even try fighting it. I just indulge in it, and then once everything has been done, I realize what a horrible mistake I’ve made, and I sit feeling broken with no one around to help me. Sometimes I feel like God has become so fed up with me and decided to remove his hand of protection completely away from me. I try to pray – I try to ask for forgiveness butI feel like my prayers are so repetitive, and so superficial, that they have become nothing by hollow words.

It has been three whole years since I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ and I feel like I’ve gotten no where, like I never completely turned away from my sins. I feel like I should be somewhere after three years, like my relationship with God should be stronger than it is. And it hurts because I love God, and I believe with my whole heart that Jesus Christ died for my sins – that there is no other way to heaven than by Christ alone. Yet, for someone who believes so much, for someone who professes to love their creator, to love their Savior, I sure don’t show it much. Not in my daily, personal walk.

Yet, I know what it takes to remedy the problem I’m having; God has given me the remedy, but I never uses it, which shows me that not only do I have a problem with self-control, but also a problem with letting go of my pride. These are dangerous characteristics to have, and stumbling blocks that cannot be removed by oneself. The only things I know for sure as I write this post, is this: I love Christ and I love God because He first loved me, I know that as a Christian there will still be sin in my life, but through daily prayers, repentance and in reading the word of God, I can overcome those temptations with His help. I just have to learn to stop allowing outside influences to hinder that process. God has not removed himself from me; I believe I know what I know now as I finish this post, is that He is here, showing me what I’m letting go for the attractiveness of worldly pursuits.

He’s reminding me of several instances, where I have soaked up the thrill of “intellectual,” political conversations that I somehow manage to become a part of daily conversations that have never really benefited me in the long run, because the topics of these conversations (the problems we discuss) will never, ever go away no matter how much we try. This is only one example of those several things God has shown me in the duration of writing this post. So now, I’m happy. I’m happy because I know that God has heard my prayer. Not only that, He knows my anxieties and fears after the outcomes of my actions and He always proves to me that my fears are nothing more than that–fear.

I don’t know that I’m still making sense. To be honest, I feel like this post has ceased making sense two paragraphs ago, but that is usually what happens when it’s late at night whenever I decide to write about these things and my thoughts are still flying in all directions. With that, It’s probably best that I wrap this up as quickly and painlessly for whomever it may be reading this. I see this post as a blessing, because not only did it start out as serving for me, an outlet for all my anxiety, questions and fears, but it also ended hitting me with the realization that I need not fear, that God is still very much with me. I can now move on with the rest of my night peacefully. Good night.