Fall semester of college is over, and after receiving my grades, I went outside, sat in one of my new favorite spots and reflected. Overall I’m proud of the grades I’ve made in my classes. I could have done better in one of them, but I decided there would be room to grow and do better next semester. However, I do not want to start setting high expectations of myself, or setting new goals. I’ve learned very quickly that doing this does nothing but bring disappointment. So, as of now I accept the grades I have received, and have decided that nothing else will do but to go with the flow next semester. Over the past four months, I have learned many things relating to school and personal life:

  • C’s still get degrees (though I will still continue to fret over future assignments and papers).
  • Most (but not all, haha) Instructors are not there to demonize and destroy dreams, they are actually there to help and love to know their students can think for themselves.
  • I will not always be accepted for who I am, and that’s okay.
  • There are people out there who ask for advice and really only want to be told how intelligent they are (sorry, but I’m not a flatterer).
  • Friendships do not always develop with people who are on the exact same page on every aspect of life. It’s okay to disagree with someone, as long as it’s done respectfully.

This isn’t all. I’ve learned many things, I’ve just lost my train of thought, which is probably for the better. But among them all (including these listed), I have realized that while learning is fun, having intellectual conversations with someone who can converse rationally is gratifying, and thought-provoking class discussions are important, God is more important! It’s so easy to put all faith in one person, and to lean on education to get through in life, and while people and education are great tools for success in careers, It is important to take a moment to thank God for putting those people in one’s life, and giving them a way to get that education.

That being said, I’m extremely grateful for all the connections I was able to make this semester with the staff of the college. They are all very insightful and helpful, and genuinely care about the connections they make with their students. Talking and interacting with different people has helped me gain better insight on how certain things operate, and learning of a couple of my instructor’s experiences has given me the courage and confidence I need to take those next steps into the direction of my selected career.